Leonardo Brasiliense, MD

Academic Professional Bio: 

Medical School: Marilia Medical School, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Neurosurgery Interests: Cerebrovascular/Endovascular, Complex Skull Base Surgery, Neuro-oncology
Research Interests: Discovering novel treatment modalities for aneurysms, AVM's, and dural AV fistulas.  Translational stroke research.  Long-term outcomes of benign and malignant intracranial neoplasms.
Hobbies/Free Time: Surfing, mountain biking, jazz, classical music and traveling


Residency Year: 

Selected Publications

Ramey, W. L., C. M. Walter, J. Zeller, T. M. Dumont, M. G Lemole, and J. R Hurlbert, "Neurotrauma From Border Wall Jumping: 6 Years at the Mexican-American Border Wall.", Neurosurgery, vol. 85, issue 3, pp. E502-E508, 2019 Sep 01. PMID: 30873543