Functional & Sterosactic Neurosurgery Program

Functional neurosurgery involves the placement of electrodes at specific regions in the brain to alleviate symptoms associated with a variety of diseases. The electrodes are connected to a generator that is typically located in the upper chest area — a process similar to the placement of a cardiac pacemaker.

The shape and the intensity of the electrical field around the electrode are tailored to optimize relief of every patient’s symptoms. The overall process is referred to as "deep brain stimulation," and it requires a close collaboration between the different specialists involved with the care of the patient including the neurologist, the psychiatrist and the neurosurgeon.

Deep brain stimulation was approved by the FDA in 1997. Since then, more than 30,000 Parkinson’s disease patients have benefited from this therapy, and we are actively discovering more conditions that can be treated with this therapy.

Currently, in addition to Parkinson's disease, it is used to treat tremors, dystonia, intractable pain, obsessive-compulsive disorder and intractable depression.

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