Radiosurgery Program

Stereotactic radiosurgery employs many fine beams of radiation that converge on a target. The end result is that the tumor receives a high dose of lethal radiation while the surrounding brain and nerves are spared.

Radiosurgery can be highly effective in controlling the growth of many tumors and is particularly useful for inaccessible tumors or in cases where surgical removal would cause too much neurological dysfunction.

Often, radiosurgery will follow a formal surgical procedure to obtain tissue for diagnosis or to reduce the size of a tumor and make it a better target for the radiation.

Treatment is available at University of Arizona Medical Center using the Novalis Delivery System technology or the Arizona Cancer Center at Orange Grove using the Varian device.

What Sets Us Apart

The University of Arizona was the first medical center in Tucson to offer this cutting-edge treatment. Today our neurosurgeons employ the Novalis™ Shaped Beam radiosurgical platform and work closely with radiation oncologists and radiation physicists to fashion individualized plans that minimize risk and maximize tumor control.

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