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Of all of the medical specialties, surgery is arguably the area where a physician’s skills, experience, training and talent have the most direct effect on a patient's successful outcome. Surgeons at the University of Arizona are among the leading practitioners and scientists in their areas. Referring physicians and patients from throughout the country seek consultations and surgical care from our experts.

Your support directly impacts the ability of our surgeon-scientists to remain in the forefront of scientific advancements and to improve the well-being of people in our local community, Arizona and the nation.

Public support, whether from the state or grants from the National Institutes of Health, has been declining for years.

Private support has come to be the deciding factor in making major scientific advances. Many of these advances were thought to be science fiction just a few years ago, but now are taken for granted thanks to the support of previous donors. Your gift can make the difference in the fight for improving the quality of life in some of our sickest patients.

Surgery relies on the knowledge and skills of the trained physicians and their teams. With your support, we will continue to attract world-renowned professionals who have brought admiration from around the country to our community.

Why We Give

Role Model and Supporter: Dr. Wendell Whitacre
“I chose to give to the department because I’ve been associated with it for a long time, and I’ve learned a lot. It has been an enjoyable association. I also recognize that the department and its residency program are a valuable part of the future. Surgery needs to be supported.”

Founding Chief Still Involved: Dr. George Drach
George W. Drach, MD, the founding Chief of Urology, explains why he continues to support the University of Arizona Department of Surgery long after he stepped down from his administrative position.

Peggy Barrett, a long-time benefactor of the UA College of Medicine, sadly passed away in October 2012 after a lifetime of generosity to the Tucson community, particularly the University of Arizona College of Medicine.  Following the successful treatment of a stubborn and debilitating infection in her foot, Ms. Barrett established a Charitable Gift Annuity for SALSA, the Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance in the Department of Surgery in gratitude. 

Mrs. Barrett had cut her foot on a patio chair while feeding a squirrel in her back yard. Twenty weeks later, her wounds still had not healed. She was referred to Dr. David Armstrong, director of SALSA in the Department of Surgery.

Dr. Armstrong, a renowned podiatrist specializing in wound care and amputation prevention, treated Barrett.  “I was extraordinarily impressed by the knowledge and demeanor of the physicians, particularly the Fellows. We need to spread the word about the wound clinic in the Department of Surgery and about the care provided there,” said Barrett.

Charitable Gift Annuities pay the donor a lifetime income, with the CGA’s remaining assets ultimately going to the named charity. There are lifetime tax advantages to this arrangement. Mrs. Barrett will be long remembered for her generosity to SALSA, and her foresight in helping others.

How You Can Help

Giving to the General Surgery Fund (see link at the left) is always helpful to the Department.

However, each of the Department’s divisions also welcomes donations. Gift opportunities for the Department and for each Division have much in common:

  • Supporting research: Each Division has a robust research program.
  • Supporting education and training: The Department has 42 surgeons-in-training in general surgery and surgical subspecialties such as vascular, urology, neurosurgery and others.
  • Supporting excellent clinical care: The University of Arizona Department of Surgery faculty are also clinicians. This dual appointment ensures that their research will be translated quickly to patient care, as well as the training of residents and fellows in the latest and innovative surgical techniques.

Gifts can also be made in honor or memory of a loved one or mentor. All donations are acknowledged; progress reports on initiatives and programs made possible by these contributions are available to donors.

Contact Us

If you are interested in exploring how you can be involved in making lives better through supporting Surgery and its subspecialties, please contact:

Manon O'Connor
UAHS Acting Associate Vice President and Chief Development Officer
Office: 520-626-4518

John Fung
Director of Development
Office: 520-621-1946

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